Take the Gospel to the Nations. You can help to reach the lost and equip the Body of Christ for the great end-time harvest! Become a monthly harvest partner with Touching the World ministry today!

By becoming a harvest partner with Touching the World you are making a covenant with us to see an expansion of the move of God through this ministry. Your precious seed will go towards outreaches nationally and internationally as we see souls saved, people healed and delivered, and the Kingdom of Heaven being released in many countries.

Please get in touch with Claus today and let him know you’ve decided to support Touching the World ministry through prayer and giving.

You can e-mail him at

Bank account number for donations:
DK 743000 4784595145
Holmens kanal 2-12
DK-1092 Cophenhagen K .Denmark
Telex 27000- S.W.I.F.T.DABADKKK

Claus Moeller 

Oeresund Parkvej 8, 3. th

2300 Copenhagen S


Touching the world

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Claus Moeller